Wednesday, February 1, 2012

October 15, 2011 - My "Due Date"

Well here we are on the 15th of October and still no baby. I went in for a regularly scheduled appointment on the 14th and was told that I am not dialated AT ALL! They also informed me that they think my baby is at least 9 1/2 pounds at which point I started balling right there in the doctor's office. We are so anxious to meet our little one that the news of "lets see how you do over the next few days" was just not what I wanted to hear! So, what do you do to kill time while waiting for your body to go into labor you ask??? You go to the pumpkin patch of course!! I fit in quite well with all those pumpkins as I myself looked like a big round pumpkin!

Lindsay and Aaron

My black sweater is hiding my bump pretty well :-)

Mom and Dad

We got a little pumpkin for our little pumpkin

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