Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2011 Christmas Card Photo

Like I've said before...every year I insist on taking a family photo to send out for our annual Christmas card. And yes, I insist on including all of our dogs! Jory loves it (read the sarcasm in my voice here). This year it was even more tricking because we were of course including our new baby but I also wanted all 3 dogs in the photo as well. I even bought a tri-pod!! So, we set up the tri-pod and set the camera timer and...
Kennedy wasn't loving this poseKennedy is the only one ready for this one!

Without Bailey (I'm trying to grab her with my right hand)

This is the photo that we went with. I know none of the dogs are looking but at least we look good.

After probably about 100 shots, I think everyone was done trying to get the "perfect" photo.
I could have made it easy and just gone with a photo of just the 3 of us but where is the fun in that???

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