Thursday, August 2, 2012

May was just as busy as April!

We started off the month of May with the celebration of our 10 year Wedding Anniversary!  Can you believe that its already been 10 years??  I sure can't.  It still feels like we are newly-weds only with way more stuff, a baby and 3 dogs!!  We celebrated with a romantic weekend away!  ...with our baby :-)  Sorry!  But I just couldn't bring myself to leave little Kennedy for an overnight trip.  Even though we have plenty of qualified babysitters right at our finger tips who basically beg us to babysit our angel constantly.  I'm sure, in time, I'll be able to leave her for an overnight trip with my honey pie...maybe...
We stayed at the Hyatt - Olive 8 in downtown Seattle
Enjoyed a nice meal at the Cheesecake Factory.  This is Kennedy's first time in a restaurant highchair!
And then got ready for some pool time.
I wish I looked this cute in my bathing suit!!!
Kennedy really loved the pool!
We did a lot of walking and were lucky enough to get some really nice weather!
Pike's Place was fun.  Like I said, we had really great weather!
The flowers were gorgeous!  Jory got my a bouquet which was amazing and huge and only $10!  If we lived close to Pike's Place, I would get fresh cut flowers all the time!
Later in the month we celebrated my very 1st Mother's Day!  We started out the day hanging out in the yard (doing yard work) but mostly enjoying the nice sunny weather.
Later that day, we walked over to Aunt Karen and Uncle Rod's for a family get together.  Our new house is only 1 mile away from Rod and Karen's as well as Grandpa and Grandma Carter's house.  Aunt Marcia and Uncle Randy's house and Uncle Ron's condo is even closer!
Kennedy got to swing with her Auntie LaLa!
And sit in the grass...
...which she didn't like very much!
Mommy with her Sugar Pie.
Our family portrait.
With Auntie Tessa.
Caitlin, Mom, Dad and Tessa
Nana and Papa
All the Girls
Playing peak-a-boo
Enjoying some time with Auntie Kiki
On May 20th we participated in Beat the Bridge which was a 4 mile walk for Me, Jory and Kennedy, and an 8k run for Lindsay and Caitlin.  We raced for Aaron (Lindsay's Honey Pie) who is diabetic.  All the proceeds go towards research to cure, treat, and prevent type 1 diabetes.
We made cute matching shirts!
Some of the walkers.
Our walk was thru the University of Washington campus which is awesome.  So beautiful!
We all had such a great time!  We will probably do it again next year.
Kennedy just loves her LaLa!