Thursday, June 21, 2012

April Was A Busy Month...

What we have been up to...
A visit to the tulip fields in the beautiful Skagit Valley!
 Kennedy with her Auntie Tessa.  It was a bit breezy and Kennedy kept making the cutest faces.
 Again...just couldn't get used to the wind!  It was so extremely cute!
 This picture of course got framed!  So adorable!!!
 Little Sydnee in her cute little rain boots.  She loved smelling the flowers.  ...Which she called roses :-)
Ashley, Jax and Sydnee
 And then she was done with taking pictures!
 Tessa with Mom
 Me, Tessa, Mom, Lindsay, and Kennedy
 Kennedy with Auntie Lindsay
 This photo won Baby of the Month on the Nuk/Gerber Facebook page!!!
 Me and Ashley with the children
 What a beautiful place we live in!  I can't wait to come back next year!!
Our very dear friends from Boise, Jeremy and Ashley, came for a visit at the end of April.  We miss them so much and had such a good time with them! 
 The 4 of us before a night out on the town.  We hit the Tulalip Casino for some gambling, shopping at the outlet mall, and a very nice and very yummy dinner!
 Sydnee and Kennedy 
 So sweet!
 All 3
Jory and Jeremy were very excited to be together for an entire weekend!  And to add to the excitement, it was the NFL Draft weekend.  So, we were able to watch the draft the.entire.weekend!!!!  It was very exciting for Me and Ashley!  We just love the Draft  ;-)  And yes, those are semi-matching belt buckles.  Jory's is the San Diego Chargers and Jeremy's is the Minnesota Vikings!  These two are basically twins who were separated at birth!   
 Kennedy enjoyed her Jenny Jump Up! are you getting around like that all on your own??? 

We made a weekend trip down to Portland to visit our besties, Greg and Brianne.  Between us, we have 3 kids and 5 dogs!  Its really not as bad as it sounds!!  And...we are very grateful that they let us bring our 3 dogs when we stay!!  We had so much fun! 
Kennedy and Milan are exactly one month apart and very much enjoyed one another's company!  Neither one is crawling yet (thank goodness) but they would sit/lay and stare at each other and try and touch each other's faces.  It was adorable!!
Me and lil' K in line at Voo Doo Donuts.
Enjoying the beautiful weather 
The adorable Milan
Such a happy little baby!
We absolutely loved Portland
The 3 kids - Kennedy, Quin and Milan
Aren't they just adorable!!!??!!
Can you see Kennedy's little tooth?  She actually has her two bottom teeth already!
Kennedy is 27 weeks (6 months) in these pictures.