Friday, August 12, 2011

Anacortes, Washington

Since moving back to Washington, I have decided that I really really want to live out in Anacortes! It is such a cute little town. Not too big, not too small. They get less rain out there per year and the town is situated right on the water looking out to the Puget Sound. Its BEAUTIFUL!! Last weekend my Mom and two of my Sisters and I went out for the Anacortes Arts and Crafts Festival. We had perfect weather and it was so fun to be able to just walk around and enjoy the scenery. We stopped for a bite at Gere-a-Deli. It was delicious!

Me and Mom looking at the magnets.

These gorgeous hanging baskets are hanging off of almost every lamp post.

Tessa and Lindsay

I really wanted to buy one of these bouquets but didn't...don't know why, but I should have!

After the festival, we drove around for a bit to check out some of the neighborhoods. This is one of my dream houses! It has a water view (not pictured) and is in the cutest neighborhood right down the street from Washington State Park.

This house even had an outdoor living area!

And there were deer just wandering around...stopping for a few quick bites.

Of course we will have to see where Jory finds a job before we can buy a house but hopefully, when its time, you will find me out on my patio in this neighborhood enjoying the beautiful scenery.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kennedy's Nursery

We finally got the nursery furniture set up...for the most part!! I still have some work to do. We don't have anything on the walls yet and I am currently looking for a rocking chair but, I do have to say that things are coming along quite nicely :-) The wall color turned out awesome and the bedding could not be cuter! Now I just need to get things organized and I think we will be all set! This is the crib, almost set up. My Mom got us the crib and the changing table!
The finished product. Isn't it precious!?!?!?

The changing table

Washington State Park

With Jory in town and beautiful sunny weather at our finger tips, we packed up all 8 of us, 7 bikes, 2 coolers, 10 camp chairs, and a number of different games and drove out to Washington State Park. We set up camp and didn't leave for 6 hours! It was such a nice day, we just didn't want to leave!The Family (minus Caitlin)

Aaron and Lindsay

Jordan, Aaron and Tessa

Aaron and Lindsay

Me (at 29 weeks) and Jory

Tessa, Me and Jory

Everyone just loves to touch the baby!

Jordan and Jory playing beanbags

Lindsay and Aaron playing smash ball

Even Mom and Dad got in on the action!

Lindsay and Tessa

Dancing or Jumping???

Jordan and Tessa

Jory and Zoe

Jory was home for a visit this past weekend and it was awesome! We had perfect weather, got to spend time with the family and even got the nursery set up (for the most part). This will be Jory's last visit, making the next time he is here a permanent stay!! Woo Hoo! Let the cont down begin! Only 19 days left and we will be together again.

Our little Zoe just loves her Daddy! Jory is her person and she misses him so much. She climbed up on Jory's lap every chance she got. There is just nothing cuter that a 48 pound lap dog! She is a snuggle bug and just so sweet! She misses him and will be just as glad as I am once the calendar says its August 20th!