Saturday, September 10, 2011

Friday, September 9, 2011

Deception Pass

We have gotten very lucky with the weather these past few weeks! We decided to take full advantage and headed out to the beach for the day. The day started out a little foggy


She's leaving for college soon! Poor thing is going to BYU Hawaii! We will all be planning a vacation very soon to go over and visit her!! Someone needs to go and check on her to be sure she is ok over there on that little island!!

Jory, Zoe and Me. We felt bad for not bring all 3 dogs but the other 2 are just not as well behaved as Zoe. We told Maggie and Bailey that Zoe was going to the groomer for the day so that they wouldn't feel bad for missing the beach day :-)

Zoe loved the attention

Zoe's second favorite person (next to Jory) is Tessa!


Tessa and Lindsay trying out the teeter-totter

Aaron had to balance out the other side

It was such a beautiful day

Jory and Tessa playing smash ball

Aaron and Lindsay

Playing fetch. Her favorite game.

Me, Kennedy and Jory. I am about 33 weeks here.

And yes our parents were with us but they hate cameras!

A Visit With Friends

Our dear friends Greg and Brianne came up for a visit the weekend of August 20th. They recently moved to the Portland area and came up for my baby shower. We had such beautiful weather that weekend so Jory and I decided to take them out to Washington State Park so that we could introduce Quin to the ocean. We had a lovely day. Very relaxing! Greg with Quin

Brianne with Quin (this pic is a little dark)

Little Quin

Jory relaxing

Me (at about 32 weeks) and Kennedy

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby Shower

I'm behind on posting these are the pictures of the beautiful baby shower that my Sisters and Mom threw for me. We were so lucky with perfect weather that day and Kennedy and I were completely spoiled! It has been so nice being back home and close to all of our family and friends. After being gone for 12 years, it was good to see some dear friends that I hadn't seen in ages.

Lindsay made this diaper cake
Tessa painted these letters for Kennedy's nursery. So adorable!

Tessa also made these cupcakes from scratch!

Lindsay putting up the balloons

Lindsay, Tessa and me waiting for the guests to arrive

I got some of the most adorable little outfits

Another diaper cake...which is just what we needed. From what I go through a lot of diapers!

Grandpa & Grandma Carter with Me & Jory

Mom, Grandma Carter, Caitlin, Me, Tessa, and Lindsay

Me with the Sisters

Mom with her girls

I am about 32 weeks in these photos and have to say that I am still feeling really great. Kennedy is a very active baby and Jory and I enjoy sitting and watching/feeling my belly move around. Its just so entertaining! Kennedy is about 3.75 pounds and approximately 17" long; getting bigger by the day! I really have nothing major to report here! I have been extremely lucky with an extremely easy pregnancy thus far. Jory and I are enjoying our last weeks without a baby but are very much looking forward to Kennedy's arrival.

All vying for the "Best Auntie Award". This is basically what it is like anytime we are all together :-)

Jory stopped by at the end to say hello and load up all of the gifts!

THANK YOU Mom, Caitlin, Lindsay, and Tessa for such a wonderful day!