Thursday, March 1, 2012

Welcoming 2012

For New Year's, we flew to Boise for the weekend to see some friends and show off our little bundle. We have missed our Boise friends dearly since moving a year and a half ago and it was awesome to get to see everyone. We were even able to see Jory's brother, Jamey and our nephew, Andy who drove down for a night. And we got to have dinner with our friends Dan and Tara who drove in from Twin Falls. I do not have nearly enough pictures from the weekend but here are a few... In her party dress and ready to go to dinner
Hanging out with Sydnee and Brennan.
Sydnee and Brennan are our best friends, Jeremy and Ashley's, kids. They also have another son Jax (not pictured) who is 9 months old (Kennedy's boyfriend). We stayed with them for the weekend and enjoyed getting all of the kids together. They spoiled us the entire time with great company and awesome food! Jeremy is an amazing cook and we spent most of our days hanging out in the kitchen chit chatting while Jeremy cooked us meal after meal. I can't believe that I don't have any pictures of the adults but what can you do?

Last Family picture of 2011
Sydnee just loved holding baby Kennedy

Enjoying a nice lazy Sunday

Nana and Papa

Enjoying some snugs with her Nana and Papa. Kennedy is the first grandbaby on the Carter side, 7th grandbaby on the Chase side, and has been more than spoiled since the day she arrived!

This little girl already has these two wrapped around her little finger!

Christmas Morning @ 9 Weeks Old