Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Introducing - Kennedy Ava Bleu

October 21st finally arrived. Jory and I were at the hospital right on time for our 5am check in. We had to go thru a bunch of pre-op stuff before my c-section, which was scheduled for 7am. Its the weirdest feeling to know that, on that day, your life was going to change forever. It was the last morning that we would wake up for the day as just the 2 of us! Tomorrow we would be waking up for the day as just the 3 of us.

I was just so nervous and so excited all at the same time. I was hooked up to a machine that was monitoring Kennedy's heart rate, they took my blood, put my IV in, etc... My Mom, Dad and Lindsay all came in my room to see me, really quick, before I went in. I told them they could come later in the morning so that they wouldn't have to wait around so much, but of course they were there first thing! So excited to meet their new little granddaughter/niece. Jory put on the little white suit that he would have to wear in the operating room, kisses and hugs were given, the last pictures of me, as a preggo woman, were taken and then I was off. I started crying, for whatever reason, as they wheeled me down the hall.

The final belly picture - 41 weeks
Things are about to change!

Jory in his bunny suit, with my Dad, all ready to go

Once in the operating room, they gave me a spinal. The whole process took FOREVER! Apparently, my spine was/is rotated 30 degrees to the right and so the anesthesiologist couldn't get the needle in on the first try. He had to try a few times and it took so long! After I finally got my spinal, they brought Jory in and the process began. Having a c-section is the weirdest feeling that I have ever experienced. There is a lot of pushing and pulling and pressure. No pain, but such a weird feeling. Jory looked over the blue sheet a couple of times to check on things but for the most part he stayed right next to me. I did not want him to let go of my hand! Before I knew it, they were pulling Kennedy out and I heard her beautiful cry for the very first time. Which, of course, caused me to cry immediately! Again, such an amazing experience. Right away, everyone in the room was commenting on how big she was! Once of the doctors in the room kept calling her a 12 pound baby! They took her over to clean her off, at which point I told Jory to go and be with her and to not let her out of his sight! They got her all wrapped up and after what seemed like an eternity, Jory brought her over to me so that I could see her. I couldn't hold her right then but Jory put her right up to my face and held her there for a while so that I could just look at her and take her all in. In that moment, it was just the 3 of us with our faces close together. Our little family. Its amazing how much love you feel right in that moment and although you've just met this little person, you feel like you have known her forever. To create another life with the person that you love the most is just indescribable. I just wanted to soak in every detail of that moment. The first thing I noticed about Kennedy were her hands and how big they looked. She had the longest little fingers. Her head was perfectly round and her face was so puffy. She had perfect skin. The cutest little mouth and nose. Just the most perfect little baby I have ever seen.

Next, Jory had to take her down to the nursery to be weighed and the doctors had to get me all stitched up. I just laid there thinking about the magnitude of what just happened. Again, AMAZING! I had just become a mom! Once all stitched up and put back together, they took me to my room where I waited for Jory to bring our new little girl back from the nursery. After what seemed like forever, Jory wheeled Kennedy back in our room in her little bassinet and at that point I got to really hold my little angel. She was just so perfect and I will never forget the feeling of Jory handing her to me for the first time. We just sat on the bed (crying, naturally) and starred at her and held her and just sat in awe of the events of the day.


Brand Spanking New

She weighed in at 10 pounds 9 ounces!! Whoa!

Getting all checked out

Kennedy's blood sugar was low so they had to give her some formula. She gobbled it right up!

Getting cleaned up

Getting to hold my girl for the very first time

And let the introductions begin!!!

Meeting her Auntie Lindsay



Kennedy is the first grand baby on the Carter side. She will be spoiled!

Great Grandma Carter

Great Aunt Karen

Already a Daddy's Girl

Auntie Caitlin

With her very tired looking Mommy

Teeny Tiny

Uncle Aaron

No one wanted to leave :-) They came in and out, to visit us, everyday we were in the hospital, multiple times a day. Papa even snuck over a few times by himself to get some alone time with his granddaughter. A guys gotta do, what a guys gotta do, to get some hold time!

Me with my little Angel

Perfect in every way

Great Uncle Rod
Getting ready to go home

All buckled in. Hopefully I did it right! We triple checked everything and then had the nurse check to make sure she was buckled in right :-)

We made it home safe and sound

Trying out her swing

Such a happy little face. I magically took this picture just at the right time.

Kennedy Ava Bleu
October 21, 2011 @ 8:17am
10 pounds 9 ounces – 21 inches of pure perfection

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