Thursday, February 16, 2012

It 'twas the night before Christmas...

Now that we are back in Mount Vernon, I finally got to host a holiday!! Everyone came over to our house on Christmas Eve for a turkey and ham dinner, with all the fixings plus, plenty of deserts and candy! We had such a great time as just the 10 of us!

The Carter/Chase/Bobik Family in Pictures...We set the timer and tried to get a family photo...its just not as easy as it sounds! And notice how un-phased/annoyed Jory is at the whole process :-)

Zoe decided to roll all over Caitlin getting white dog hair on her black leggings mid-photo shoot!

I think we got a few good ones in there!Kennedy got a Bumbo from her Auntie Lindsay and Uncle Aaron

Which she loved!

Kennedy met her Uncle Jordan for the first time

And she loved him!

Thought he was hilarious

With Auntie Tessa who was home from Hawaii for only 6 days! That's just not long enough for us!

Maggie, Bailey and Zoe got presents too! Even though they were naughty most of the year!

Mr. & Mrs. Chase

The Parents

Lindsay and Aaron. Aaron is sporting his new bike gloves!

Caitlin, Kennedy and I checking out Kennedy's new book.

We were pooped at the end of the night but had such a great time!! It is such a blessing to be back with the family!

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