Tuesday, May 24, 2011


At our appointment today, May 4th, we found out that we are having a girl!!! I was completely shocked as I was 100% sure we were having a boy! Today is also our 9th wedding anniversary. What a perfect anniversary gift. This is our little girl sleeping on her tummy. You can see her little arm and hand snuggled in by her face :-) This is probably the cutest baby I've ever seen!!

I just can't believe that after 9 years of marriage and 3 adorable puppy-babies we are having a little baby girl. These 9 years, up to this point, have flown by! Hopefully now with our little one, the time will slow WAY down so that we can enjoy every second with her. When I look back on the last 10 years since meeting Jory and think about all the places that we've been and the things we have done, this is just the perfect next step for our little family. We could not feel more blessed.

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