Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Richard's visit to San Diego - February 2010

Jory's Dad Richard drove his Grandparents down to San Diego from Idaho Falls so that they could celebrate Grandpa and Uncle Vern's birthday. We met them up in Palmdale for a round of golf followed by dinner and birthday cake.

Golfing in Palmdale

Jory and his Dad...so serious!

The birthday boys, Grandpa Chase and Uncle Vern

Turning 92 (Grandpa) and 94 (Uncle Vern)

Grandpa and Grandma Chase, Me and Jory and Richard

While Richard was in town we took him to the Del Mar Dog Beach

Jory and his Dad sporting their BSU gear

It was a gorgeous day

Happy as a clam!

Me trying to get a picture with Bailey and Maggie...and a random dog in the background! I didn't realize there was a dog behind me until after we took the picture! Maybe that's why Maggie wanted me to let her go :-)

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