Monday, May 23, 2011

Red Fish Lake, Idaho

Every other year we go camping with the Chase Family at Red Fish Lake just outside of Stanley, Idaho (close to Sun Valley). The camping is amazing. Not only are you in a National Park, you also have a crystal clear lake with a sandy beach right at your finger tips! This is were we spent just about everyday of our 4 day camping trip.

Yes, we are in the middle of the woods/forest!

Jade and Shauntae

Where did everyone go???

Jory and Dan sitting in the shade with Brinley

Out for a canoe ride. The canoe got a lot of use this trip!

Jade and Brinley

Jade and Shauntae on a canoe ride with Cienna

Auntie Tricia with the adorable Brinley Isabella

Jory getting ready to play the "washer game"

The Whole Gang

Cienna, Shauntae, Brinley, Jade, Tricia, Andy, Jory, Rachel, Richard, Jamey, Amanda, Marissa, Katie, Marsha, and Caleb

Me and Jory

Jory, Me, Tara, and Dan

The adorable Clements Family

Jamey, Amanda, Marissa, Andy, Caleb, Marsha, and Katie

Jory, Jade and Jamey

Jory, his dad, Richard, his brother, Jade, his brother, Jamey, and his mom, Rachel

Jory with his Dad

Trying to balance on the canoe...

Which didn't really work out!

What a nice vacation!

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