Monday, May 23, 2011

Moving Day

From Nampa, Idaho to Carlsbad, California we go. Once we decided that we were moving, our moving day crept up on us so fast! Being a previous military family, we were used to having movers come to do all the packing and moving for us! This time...that wasn't the case. We had to do everything all by ourselves! Which was a huge job. We made it work though. We packed up our entire house and got it into a 26 foot moving truck. It was packed from floor to ceiling but we made it fit!

Zoe decided to ride in the big truck. But, she was too afraid to get out once she was in!

Do I really have to ride next to all this stuff??

Where are we going again??

This was my view for the entire 920 mile drive

Nevada was just gorgeous :-) Can you read the sarcasm in my voice? There was just nothing out there!

Me, Maggie and Bailey. Its amazing how good these dogs are in the car!

If only this was me during the car ride

We made it to Carlsbad all in one piece and got the truck emptied into our little condo. Our movers didn't show up so Jory and I were left to unload our 26 foot truck on our own! We made it work but WOW! What a job!

Maggie's bed was packed so she made due with a moving blanket on top of a stack of boxes

And when the boxes got uncomfortable...she found a spot in the pantry :-)

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