Monday, August 1, 2011

Jory and Zoe

Jory was home for a visit this past weekend and it was awesome! We had perfect weather, got to spend time with the family and even got the nursery set up (for the most part). This will be Jory's last visit, making the next time he is here a permanent stay!! Woo Hoo! Let the cont down begin! Only 19 days left and we will be together again.

Our little Zoe just loves her Daddy! Jory is her person and she misses him so much. She climbed up on Jory's lap every chance she got. There is just nothing cuter that a 48 pound lap dog! She is a snuggle bug and just so sweet! She misses him and will be just as glad as I am once the calendar says its August 20th!

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