Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Kennedy's 1st Golf Lesson

The golf season has begun!  We went out to beautiful Avalon to enjoy the nice sunny weather we were having!  We took Kennedy out for her first time on the course and she did surprisingly well.  She made it about 10 holes and then decided she had enough and wanted to go home.  It was a bummer for Jory because he didn't get to play a full 18 but it wasn't bad for her first time!  Hopefully she shows some interest when she is older!  That would make her Daddy very happy! 
Kennedy enjoyed riding in the golf cart.  It was like a little roller coaster ride for her
Trying to get that ball!!
Looks as though she will be a natural!!


  1. What a cutie! How fun that she played golf with you guys!

    - As far as finding a conf or summit in Seattle, I follow Red Tricycle and they seem to know hat's happening there. If I find out more info I will let ya know! xx -jenna

    1. Thanks! I will definitely check that out!